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Telling it like it is

December 07, 2022 Home Of The Free Season 1 Episode 8
Victory Temple Chantilly's Podcast
Telling it like it is
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Show Notes

"Speak the truth in love, growing. more like

Christ." Eph 4:15 NLT

Jon Walker says: "It's hard to.'s easier to stay demonize one another when we don't agree...and to cut and run at the first sign of trouble... But the Bible says, 'An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship' (Pr 24:26 NLT); it deepens relationships...and keeps our fellowship open and authentic, freeing us to speak the truth in love"... No more lies or pretense. Tell your brother the truth.

Remember, 'In Christ's body we're all connected...

When you lie to others, you end up lying to yourself.'" (Eph 4:25 MSG). Author Annette Smith observes: "Touchy topics are difficult for even close friends. Yet relationships involve flawed people who make mistakes and get into messes. Friends need to be able to count on each other, not just for fun and affirmation, but for instruction and correction.

Committing ourselves to a friendship means because we care on a deep intimate level, we have the courage to speak up when a friend needs to hear tough words...True friendship comes with joy and responsibility...To avoid talking truthfully about a situation that's hurtful, dangerous, or out of God's will, is to dishonor the friendship and the friend.

When we've been trusted with the blessing of friends, we must love them enough to be willing to experience hurt, rejection, even anger. In the end, truth heals. Before addressing a difficult situation, if there's any self-righteousness or the tiniest desire to get even, we should keep silent. Honesty...when it comes to touchy subjects must be accompanied by pure, loving motives." The Bible says, "Speak the truth in love…growing...more like Christ." 

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